I originally set up Supreme Littleness Designs as a way of sharing the model buildings I was making for my own projects. All these years later, Supreme Littleness Designs is still a sole trader operation. The only difference now is that I have less time for my projects as I design, cut, package and send out kits to other gamers.

I get asked a lot at shows and by email for advice on how to assemble and finish off the SLD kits. One of my main concerns is to help customers with assembly instructions and give advice to those who need it. You may be looking for an incentive to buy an SLD kit or looking for a clue to what to do next after buying one. I have created this site as a place to share advice, techniques and tips. If you like the look of my models – what you see in the shop or on this site – then, hopefully, these walk-throughs, hints and tips should help.


Supreme Littleness Designs is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.