15 : Building Troy – The Citadel Walls

I have all the models I need now to see how my citadel wall of Troy is going to look.

Here they are in the state they’re in at the moment, creating a 90-degree arc to position at a table corner.

My tabletop is made up of 200mm-square terrain tiles. These can be raised and stepped to create higher ground by placing polystyrene tiles under them. With my models in position, this is my opportunity to plan how big and how high my mound of Troy will be.

Troy was built-up directly behind the citadel walls. The buildings here were grander than the ones in the Lower City outside the citadel. I had to be careful not to go wild and create a mound that was so high that any tall buildings inside the citadel looked as if they had little or no protection from the citadel walls.

There were also other ground level considerations to take into account. The ground at the gateway points should be level enough either side of the wall. However, the ground behind the East Tower, for sure, was higher than it was in front. At the moment I’m just going to leave opportunities for these features to evolve. There are a lot of things to take into consideration to be able to cram as many features as possible into what is a tight space but I think at this stage I have the groundwork of a good plan.

The beginnings of my mound of Troy.

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