14 : Building Troy – The East Tower

Further along the wall from the East Gate stood the East Tower.

I borrowed the superstructure of the South Tower for this photo.

The East Tower was actually an addition that was built over the existing curtain wall specifically, it is more than likely, to protect the approach to the East Gate. The substructure of the sloped curtain wall can be clearly seen at Hisarlik with the East Tower added on.

I used much of the design of my South Tower for the East Tower except that I gave this new tower a unique engraved stonework design.

If you were to imagine Bronze Age Troy from the perspective of what happened to fortification in later periods, you might imagine that the citadel wall was peppered with more towers like this. However, there is little or no evidence for more than just the two towers along the entire circuit of the citadel wall.

The ground level behind the East Tower is, and was, higher than the ground level in front of it – as can be seen in the photo above. Although I designed the model as is usual to stand on a flat surface, I have to admit an itch to model at least a hint at some sort of difference in ground level.

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