19 : Height Matters

Anyone who has been following this blog and the building of my Frozen City will know that height is just as important as footprint in the landscape of the Frozen City Ruins range.

It’s usual in a Frostgrave game for opposing warbands to enter the combat arena from opposite edges or corners of the tabletop. The distance between the opposing adventurers is the important factor. But have your warbands ever started a game distanced vertically rather than horizontally? In many games, height is very much a lost dimension.

The great thing about the Frostgrave backstory is that the urban setting rather than just being a cold place was completely frozen over but is now gradually emerging as the ice melts. It makes sense, perhaps, that the upper levels – the tops of spires – broke through the ice first. However we imagine our city released from its frozen confinement, the tops of our Frostgrave building models can aquire something of a distinctive character. Perhaps, all we need do is cover our tabletop with the tops of buildings emerging from a bed of ice.

Meanwhile, though, I was determined to have a shot at building my Frozen City even higher. I made sure to design a model that could act as a simple but strong support for a basic square module. The Full-level Supporting Columns model (SLD-M28-FC-122) is just four columns – a cake stand comes to mind – but is designed to support a model while at the same time allowing full access for players to the floor the columns stand on.

I took our building combo from Post 17 and added some more models. I put my Ruinous Corner Wall model (SLD-M28-FC-108) as seen in Post 9 up on top and I used a Full-level Supporting Columns model to support a Half-level Full Stairs model (SLD-M28-FC-113).

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