18 : Round Colonnade

I designed a Round Colonnade (28S-SLD-FCR-124) as a feature model of the Frozen City Ruins range. You really have to have a round colonnade in the ruins of an ancient city, don’t you?

Of course there was a huge temptation to glue on the ubiquitous model ivy to my assembled model and have it twisting its way up the columns. But in this frozen world any remains of horticulture endeavour would have died away long ago!

The Round Colonnade, though, has some tricks up its sleeve. As a feature model it’s statuesque but it also works as a support for other models. It’s just the right height placed on a floor to support another floor at an upper level. I was careful not to add texture to the top slabs of the colonnade so that any model stood on it would have a nice level footing.

Its circular shape lends itself to creating some interesting access points.

The Round Colonnade is a solid support and with a pair of Half-level Supporting Walls (28S-SLD-FCR-121) it already does a good impression of a Frozen City tomb or monument. It’s looking like a dangerous place if you don’t like skeletons!

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