7 : Figure Bases

Once you have figures, basing them is the next step. How you base your miniatures is obviously very important.

The Frostgrave plastics come with bases in the box. They are 25mm round plastic bases that are 2mm thick. They have a slight texture on one side. I liked the idea of using round bases, for sure, and 25mm seemed the ideal size. I had designed round bases with a craggy, cut-in outline for my 18mm miniatures. I thought that they perfectly suited the character of adventures in the Frozen City. So I wanted to see how they looked with the 28mm Frostgrave miniatures. I laser-cut some upscaled versions of the 18mm bases. I thought they had a nice, fragmented rocky or icey look, which I preferred to a regular circle.

My bases have a circular hole in them for a 5mm magnet.

There was still the question whether to use 2mm or 3mm thick bases. There are positives and negatives for both thicknesses. I opted for 3mm thick bases. One good reason, perhaps, being that the thickness reflected the thickness of the Frozen City floor slabs. But I also find that thicker bases are much easier to pick up. And I prefer that miniatures are picked up by their bases. Naturally, I painted the figure’s base in exactly the same colour scheme as the scenery. I like my figure bases to blend in with the terrain. This also helps thicker bases look not so thick.

And now – as I mentioned in the last post – with a figure based and painted, it was time to get scenery and miniature together to see how they looked alongside one another.

First 28mm Frozen City Ruins Model and First Frostgrave Figure

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