15 : The Beginnings of Building Up

Carrying on from the previous post where I featured what I called the basic two-storey wall model (28S-SLD-FCR-101), I thought I’d assemble another basic wall kit.

Now with two of these models, I could explore what they could do together. Simply positioning the wall models side-by-side could create one longer wall of the same building.

Positioning the models face-to-face gives more of the look of a street with a roadway between two buildings – so already we have a public space and two interiors.

I assembled another rather useful model, the Roadway (28S-SLD-FCR-151). I used this model to extend the street, while at the same time it also extends the walls rather neatly.

Standing the wall models back-to-back creates the ruins of a single building with two floor levels that match (as in the previous post). This actually creates a simple structure with a lot of gaming potential.

With the two wall models back-to-back, we can use the regular height of both walls – as mentioned in the last post – to balance the roadway model on top.

We now have a second upper floor, which also extends the height of the walls. With only three models, we have substantially increased the playing area of our game. However, this upper floor provides ample space as a platform for other models to stand on, allowing us the potential to game at even higher levels! If an adventure’s scenario requires a multistoried tower with accessible levels, perhaps we are on our way to building one!

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