12 : Platform with Arched Window

With only a matter of days to go before the much-anticipated release of the second edition of the Frostgrave rule book, I thought it was an appropriate time to feature the kit Platform with Arched Window (28S-SLD-FCR-146).

This ruin, as well as being part of the Frozen City range of modular scenery, can also be used as a standalone model. It’s another Frozen City ruin that has an excellent place for hiding treasure! It stands on the usual size of square base.

The model is a bit of a tribute to the great artwork in the original Frostgrave rulebook published by Osprey Games. Why? Well, I’ll leave that to you to figure out. But if you turn to page 87 of the rulebook in question, you might see why. Perhaps a photo opportunity for one of your miniatures with the model as backdrop? I’d love to see any results! Here, I’ve produced an image of the Platform with Arched Window model in a bit of a frosty blizzard!

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  1. Doug says:

    Looking good there Michael. I look forward to seeing a bigger layout. At the same time selfishly disappointed there’s no further Americana or Ancients/Dark Ages stuff. Ah well. Time to crack out the MDF and the saw… hope to catch you at a show in 2021

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