17 : Model Supports

Sometimes when you want your model scenery to reach new heights, you don’t just have to stack another model on top. One of the Frozen City Ruins models that I find the most useful is the Half-level Supporting Wall (28S-SLD-FCR-121). By putting a couple of these models under our building combo from Post 15, we are already building even higher! Adding a pair of Half-level Full Stairs (28S-SLD-FCR-113) gives our ruin a nice connection with the ground level.

These two models are also available as part of the Raised Platform Set (28S-SLD-FCR-S1) that comes complete with floor tiles. They are very useful for a Frozen City Ruins setup. Although not their first purpose, they are tall enough to provide good cover for characters at ground level!

The wall provides a substantial support for standing others models on. It’s called ‘half-level’ because you can stack one on top of the other and with a floor tile, the floor is now level with an upper floor.

My favourite use for the two pairs of models is to combine them to make a stairway up to an upper level.

This can be done in a number of ways, adding variety to our different setups.

As a single run, two models together create a stairway with steps at regular intervals.

Placing the stairs side by side creates a rather imposing stairway. This makes me want to assemble a couple more models and make an even more imposing stairway!

A supporting wall on its own can be used as a ruined room. It makes a good cellar for hiding treasure.

A ruined floor makes a good doorway into our cellar.  

Stacking a pair of supporting wall models can create an even more mysterious hideaway!

That’s what the modular design of the Frozen City Ruins range is all about – no two setups need be the same!

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