200 : 200th Post!

Back in August 2013, my 1809 Blog reached its 100th post and celebrated with a patchwork image of 100 Hungarian infantry. For my 200th post I thought it might be an idea to continue the theme and put together an image of 200 troops: what turned out to be 184 Pendraken and 16 Magister Militum Austrian line infantry plus two generals overseeing the march of the 200 in 16 ranks of 12 men (plus a scattering of 8 command), in some sort of column formation – or perhaps all ready to form battalion masse.

200 Austrian line infantrymen march for the 200th Post.

I also thought I might as well include updates here on the stats I posted two years ago. Numbers had certainly risen during the last 100 posts and that was really good to see.

Blog Visits since 1 May 2012: 145,767 (to 1 October 2015)

Blog Page Views: 432,329 (to 1 October 2015)

Visits to my Pendraken Forum Post: 52,415 (240,640 views and 894 replies by June 2023)

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