194 : First Lancer Order

I needed an officer to complete my French Hussar regiment (see Post 168) so as soon as Lancer Miniatures released a French Hussar command, I made my first Lancer Miniatures order.

I also ordered some Austrian grenadiers in the hope that their caps were more of the characteristic armchair shape than the Pendrakens I had painted (see Post 122).

I added both French and Austrian cuirassiers to my order in the hope that they were more historically accurate than Pendraken’s (see Post 19 and Post 103).

My pile of Lancer packs.

Lancer had also released a figure of Napoleon in his favourite chasseur uniform but not wearing his classic greatcoat – a bit cold for a December day at Austerlitz but perfect, I thought, for the scorching hot days of 1809 in Austria (see the illustration below of Napoleon at Wagram).

Kieven at Lancer was kind enough to allow me to get my hands on a pack of yet unreleased Austrian 6-pdr guns and crews. I was very grateful as they turned out, in my opinion, to be spectacular.

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