211 : Terraced Houses

Now with my Essling Schloss on the verge of being painted, I could settle on the other buildings that would share the same side of the high street.

I wanted to have houses on both sides of the Schloss. Otherwise, I thought, the village could easily end up looking like a built-up area of just feature buildings. There was space on one side (the western side) of the Schloss that was hardly big enough for one building. However, I decided to design a couple of terraced houses to fit the space. These houses were, by necessity, very small footprint models. Truth to tell, though, my feeling was that they were just the sort of models that tabletop gaming needed more of. Filling built-up areas with as many small-footprint houses as possible seemed like a good plan.

I designed the two houses to be slightly different. Both ended up being 25mm wide but one was taller and not as deep as the other. I gave them both the stove-type chimneys that were typical of the area.

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