3 : Pre-coloured Frozen City Kits

18mm Frozen City Ruins

My original Frozen City models were designed in 18mm for my own Frostgrave gaming. They gave years of fun. Especially satisfying was the ability of the modular scenery to go high! Many a cityscape was enhanced by the models stacked one on top of the other which, quite literally, helped raise the level of the games! Multiple levels also allowed many games to be played on tabletops smaller than the usual size.

The plan was always to release the Frozen City Ruins designs in 28mm one day, but it was fantastic news to hear that 4Ground were on board to publish the designs as pre-coloured kits!

Pre-coloured kits are great for a number of reasons. One is that the assembled kits are ready to get on the tabletop right away. Another, at the other extreme perhaps, is that the acrylic paint acts as a perfect primer for a modeller who wants to customise their own kits and make them unique. In between, as far as customising the Frozen City Ruins goes, might be simply giving the models a sprinkling of frost and snow effects. That’s the marvellous thing about this hobby. There is no hard-and-fast rule as to how your miniature world should look! I was excited about getting my hands on the pre-coloured kits any time soon and seeing what I could do!

Pre-release 28mm models on show at Crusade Tabletop Gaming Show in Penarth, January 2020.

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