6 : New Wall, New Look

The new-look stonework painted up well.

The new wall design was textured and painted as before. I brushed neat white glue on each stone and dusted over with baking soda. You can get some nice Mycenaean boulder-like effects by repeating the process on individual stones. This works well with Troy’s sloped walls, especially by building up the lower stones.

I used the same khaki undercoat but this time avoided a grey wash and used more of a creamy colour for the lime wash over the mud-brick for a warmer effect. I used household emulsion for the undercoat, as usual, then painted with cheap craft acrylics.

When painting this modular model, I had one eye on the look that it would share with all the other walls. It was fun to add some green plant growth here and there and highlight individual stones but I stopped before adding too much detail as the overall look of the curtain wall would provide the real effect.

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