231 : Württemberg Chevauxlegers

During Lockdown, I painted two Pendraken Württemberg Chevauxlegers from Pendraken’s 1809 French Allies release. Only two, but two were actually enough to represent the two reduced squadrons at Essling at 1:50. These were men of the Herzog Heinrich regiment. Gill gives their strength as 160 sabres so scope to increase tabletop numbers to four figures (as in my OOB) if I wanted. This would also keep bases up to my squadron size of one base per squadron although not, then, reduced in numbers. It’s all compromise, as I’ve said before.

The Histofig plates are good reference for the Chevauxleger uniform.

Whatever the future of my miniature regiment, two figures didn’t seem a terribly impressive escort for the French Emperor. They did, indeed, begin the battle for Essling as part of the Emperor’s escort but by the evening of the first day they were in serious cavalry combat around Essling, earning the admiration of General Lasalle, the quintessential light cavalryman of the age. They apparently had a clash with the Schwarzenberg Uhlans on the far side of Essling as combat was coming to an end on the second day. In Gill’s words, they stood out as a truly crack formation.

During the long years without any 10mm Napoleonic releases (see Post 219) I played with the idea of getting hold of some British Life Guard figures to paint up as Württemberg Chevauxlegers as they both shared a similar helmet design. So news of Pendraken’s upcoming Württemberg range brought with it the relief of not having to go ahead with any conversion.

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