The 1809 Overture

This is the new home of Michael’s 1809 blog!

Journals of 1809 began in 2012, first as a Flash site before transitioning into a more conventional web-page site. Never a proper blog, it lacked a search function and the ability to follow posts. This should be sorted now as the Journals hits another milestone with another transition – this time, into a WordPress site. All the original posts will remain online in their original format. However, every attempt has been made to bring a large number of the original posts over to the blog’s new home. This should aid the ability to properly search the 1809 posts.

And, now – onwards, Journals of 1809!

Napoleon in 1809.

The original site had 230 posts. You will find all the blog posts from Post 177 through 2015 to 2022’s Post 230 replicated here as posts on Michael’s Projects site. As to the rest, here are some sample posts of the original 1809 Journals:

1 : The 1809 Overture

21 : Aspern-Essling OOB

25 : Essling Map

50 : French ADC

100 : The 100th Post!

127 : Hungarian Battalion

174 : General Boudet

The original Blog Index

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