197 : Return to Essling

Now with my laser-cut business up and running, I had the opportunity to return to completing a model village for my own project. Over the years, I had bought so many Napoleonic buildings models I could put together many Essling villages in 10mm. However, as with most tabletop gamers, I had to cope with the demands of my chosen ground scale and to struggle to cram as many building models in what was a very tight space. I had designed and redesigned my 10mm Essling at least three times in plastic, resin, and again in resin but never been truly happy.

Essling in 1979.

In my mind, an Essling model needed three feature buildings: the famous granary, the post house or Schloss and a church. The built up area also had to include enough houses to make it look like a village and the houses should be the single storey type with stove chimneys that were typical of the region. It was a big ask from what was commercially available. But now, I was able to design and produce my own buildings – made to measure!

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  1. June 22, 2023

    […] I mentioned in Post 197, I needed three feature buildings for the village of Essling. With the Schloßkapelle completed, I […]

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