217 : South Side of Esslinger Hauptstrasse

The village’s base board was now prepared and ready for gluing on the models. The plan was not to have any models individually based but to glue all the buildings onto the one single terrain tile (see Post 203). I made a start with the buildings along the south side Eßlinger Hauptstraße, Essling’s main street. Judging by the number of models I wanted to fit onto one terrain tile, these buildings would have to be positioned as near to the edge of the tile as possible. The chapel model had to be fixed right up against the edge of the tile to give the road as much width as possible. This may have been an issue with one of my standard polystyrene-topped terrain tiles but not with the village’s solid fibreboard tile. It was not necessary to have a cemetery around the chapel as Essling had a cemetery on the outskirts of the village (see Post 110) which I had already modelled (see Post 113).

My Essling buildings fixed their baseboard.

To the models I had already completed (see Post 201, Post 205, Post 206, and Post 207) I added a couple of Milliput epoxy putty wall pieces left over from a previous project (see Post 56). There wasn’t enough room to enclose the sides and rear of the chapel with a wall or hedge but there had – at the very least, I thought – to be a wall of some sort between the entrance side of the chapel and the neighbouring house

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