222 : A Good Intro

The best introduction I could have and best way to reunite myself properly with my 10mm 1809 project, I thought, was to read my journal all the way through – for the first time, I may add. So I began with the 1809 Overture and Spring 2012 and read my way through all 220 posts to the two posts I had added in 2018. It took a couple of days. But it was a very pleasing way to pass lockdown, and a very easy and comfortable read on a tablet PC!

I’ve mentioned several times in the journal that I’ve kept abreast of developments in website creation. I obviously had the opportunity now to take the next technical leap – if I was going to. A proper blog, perhaps? However seeing how much I had enjoyed my recent reading experience, I didn’t have any plans to change the look of the journal any time soon. And the only change I would consider at this stage would be some sort of indexing of the content. But that would be for another day.

Salute 2020

It was such a shame that London’s show Salute had to be cancelled this year. And not just because my laser-cut business, Supreme Littleness Designs, had a trade stand at last year’s show and I was able to meet and engage with so many interesting gamers and traders and make some great contacts. This year’s show would certainly be sadly missed. But it was good to see that in time of crisis that the venue didn’t go to waste. On the day of the show, there were emergency hospital beds where gaming and trading would have taken place.

So, 2020 went without a Salute. The show is well known for its themes. My thinking was that with good eyesight being such an essential part of our miniatures hobby that the theme this year should have been 20/20 vision. Pride of place could have gone to a stand selling fabulous magnifying equipment and great lights to improve our painting experience. A magnifying glass could have been included in every goodie bag. Unfortunately, it was not to be.

Supreme Littleness trading at Salute 2019.

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