10 : Arched Doorway

For my next model, I assembled the Archway Doorway kit (SLD-M28-FC-106). This model has a large arched doorway with gothic style windows above.

I should say something about the open doorway. The ruins are designed as buildings that have been frozen for so many centuries that any wood has long rotted away. Therefore, the buildings have no wooden doors and there is no woodwork of any kind. However, I did plan to design some sort of wooden walkway at some point in the future – who doesn’t love a wooden walkway in a skirmish game? But this would be as part of a newly built structure, perhaps a stronghold or a hideaway, built by adventurers to the city. And also: I was designing wooden doors that would fit the doorways of the models, so that the models could also be useful for other games such as dungeon crawl type games. More of that later.

I designed a small ledge on the upper floor level of this model. A single floor slab bracketed to the wall. This was intended to be just enough space for one figure to stand on. Perhaps a useful spot for a gargoyle or a sly sniper. I enjoyed experimenting with snow melt, with icicles dripping from the upper window.

I got the first two building models together. Already they were creating the sense of a bigger, imposing building!

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