213 : Stable

The humble horse was, of course, the main mode of transport in the Napoleonic era – apart from the even humbler Shanks’ pony! Essling would have had its fair share of buildings to stable the numerous horses of the village. Apart from the grand stable block in the grounds of the Schloss that I’d already made (see Post 209), I wanted to include at least one other stable building.

I designed a model with a small footprint of 27mm x 36mm. I gave it timber-planked walls and a shingle type roof. I added a piece of a wire paper clip as a bolt on the door. I made sure to include air holes in the gables for the mandatory hayloft.

The model itself was quite simple to assemble as I designed the individual planks in groups cut with the correct spacing so that all I had to do was to carefully keep the sections together while gluing them to the fibreboard structure as single pieces.

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