184 : 100,000 Visits!

I mentioned in the last post that I was keeping an eye on the number of visits to my Blog. Well, in the wee small hours of 2 February visits reached 100,000! As I said, I last mentioned blog visits back in Post 140 when the number of visits had reached 50,000 – at this time last year. But while the first 50,000 had taken nearly two years to accrue (since May 2012), the next 50,000 had taken only 12 months.

To be honest, I didn’t know whether 100,000 visits in three years was a large or small amount of traffic in the vast Blogophere. I certainly knew that personal websites like mine couldn’t compete with blogs set up with commercial blogging software and social-networking tools – never mind my niche subject matter. However, 100,000 was certainly a total that brought a smile to the face of the Napoleon of this project and spurred me on to a hopeful next 100,000!

Hearing from new visitors to my 1809 Blog is always a pleasure! You can leave a message here (as in 2015):

The Pendraken Forum 

The Miniatures Page Forum

(Now in the WordPress site, you can leave a comment on every post!)

Annual Painting Competition

February also brought with it the annual Pendraken painting competition (see Post 143). And with the painting competition, the annual apprehension of what – if anything – to submit.

However it was always a shame not to join in, if only for the fun of it, and after the surprise at my small success last year (see Post 144), it seemed mean to keep all my troops back at barracks.

As I mentioned in Post 181, I was getting used to buying a new Winsor and Newton Series 7 00 brush once a year and, just in time for the painting competition, a brand new one arrived in the post, handy for any painting I might be tempted to do before the deadline for competition entries on the last day of the month.

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