21 : Spiral Stairway

I mentioned in the previous post that, so far, the Frozen City Ruins range has two corner section models. In fact, it actually has three. That’s because the Two-storey Spiral Stairway (28S-SLD-FCR-111) can also be used as a corner section.

When I was designing the building blocks of my Frozen City Ruins range, it was an important consideration that figures should be able to be moved from floor to floor by way of steps that the figures could stand on. But also that the steps should be compatible with the size of the floor tiles. Figures, therefore, would be able to be moved by the count of floor slabs and steps from floor to floor.

This might have been a big ask when designing a spiral staircase model. But here we are! A count of ten floor tiles gets your character from one level to the other! Two steps neatly count as one floor tile – and figures on 25mm bases can stand on the steps with the aid of the supports that come with the kit. (Watch out for that spider!)

The design also makes gaming with the model totally accessible. It also works for dungeon crawling where walls are imagined.

I’ve added a photo here of the my model before I painted on more frosty white highlights. I was pretty happy with the cold grey look but as I build my Frozen City I’m beginning to prefer an even more white and frosty look. If you’re following this blog, you may have noticed that I just couldn’t stop myself adding more white to some models!

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